Let go of the wheel

11 Sep

It has been about 2.5 months since I have arrived in Osaka!! Time has really flown by! In June, I was able to experience two homestays with two amazing families. I get to see one of them tomorrow to celebrate the daughter’s 6th birthday and my 22nd!! I’ve missed them a lot so I’m really looking forward to seeing them again!

Work has lately become much harder than it was. Maybe it was because in August I got to teach the class with the 2 and 3 year olds who are so easy, and now I’m in charge of the 6 year olds. Their schedule is much different and they have so much to cover but their problem is that they don’t like to listen! Well, some of them don’t. I try to go in with a positive attitude but it’s so hard to keep the class fun and in order. I think this is really a challenge for me to learn that I can’t do this on my own. Because no matter what I’ve done to change the lesson or try to adjust my attitude I still leave that class feeling completely drained and disappointed with myself. In church this past Sunday, Pastor Luke talked about bringing God into our workplace with us. I think that’s exactly what I need to do. Ask for His strength, wisdom, and love to guide the students. I can do all things with God so why not bring Him with me when I go to work. I mean He is with me all of the time, so I should need to rely on Him and let Him take the wheel instead of asking Him to take a seat in the back while I drive for a while. When I’m behind the wheel, though, I lose direction and end up not where I wanted to be. I need to let Him work through me so I can love the students with His love.

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