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A Great Father

21 Jun

A Great Father

My father met me when I was just a week old. I was adopted, but that didn’t matter and has never mattered because he always loved me as his own.


He would nap with baby me on his stomach. He took us to church every Sunday, and read the Bible with us and prayed with us before bed every night. He would stay up countless nights with me as I worked away trying to understand my difficult math homework or perfect my art project.

He lightened his own work load and made it a priority to spend time with Paul and I while we were in high school. He would come watch my volleyball games when he could get off work in time. He patiently taught me how to drive and park. He encouraged my dreams as I went on the college hunt.


He watched me graduate high school after I had finally just overcome a rough season of depression and was starting to look forward to the bright future God had for me.


But then I sort of went my own way. I still loved my dad and appreciated everything he had done, but I walked away from the values and truths he had taught me since I was a child. I got trapped in an unhappy life I thought I couldn’t get out of. There were times I thought I was happy with that lifestyle, but then I’d remember my dad and just became full of so much shame and guilt. I wanted to be his little princess again, but I felt like a completely different person.

So I literally ran away to try to find myself again and start over so I could find a girl inside me who could be my daddy’s little girl again.

That’s when I moved to Japan.

and that’s when I really came home to both of my fathers! (and one of them wasn’t my birth father)

After finding an awesome church and home at Lifehouse Osaka, I came back to God, my awesome Father up in Heaven!

and after he helped me let go of my past and began healing me, I finally felt like a real daughter of my father here on earth again as well! My dad didn’t judge me. He was always praying for me! And God never judged me. He was always calling me back home! Both of them encouraged me to keep on growing, rediscover my passions and vision.

I would be lost without my dad!
And I’d be lost without God!

I’m so thankful to my two real fathers!!

My dad was able to walk me down the aisle and give me away to marry a Godly man!



He keeps encouraging us all of the time now! Even though he is retired, he is still working for the Navigators, a Christian non profit organization, to reach the young professionals in New York City and training others to reach more people in their own cities as well!

I want to boast about him more but there are too many great things to say! He is seriously such an inspiration and such a blessing in my life.

I love you Daddy. : )