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A New Journey

24 Jun

As many of you know, but some of you might not know, I will be moving to Japan soon. And by soon, I mean in t-minus 3 hours I will be on a plane moving to Japan. In one hour I will be leaving my house and my parents, and my hometown friends. I interviewed at BE Academy, located in Osaka, while visiting my friends for a week after my graduation from Lehigh University. For most of university, I was on a pre-medical track. I thought a career in medicine was what I wanted. There were many times throughout college, though, when I wavered from pre-med. However, I always remained a psychology major. I loved and still love psychology and realize that that is truly where my passion lies. I took an emotional development course this past spring semester that opened my eyes to this. I realized children, education, and psychology were all areas I wanted to research in. I have always loved Japan, though. After all, it’s in my blood. Japan has been tugging on my heart ever since I left after 7th grade, and once I went back I felt so at home. In the future, I want to be able to do research in Japan. I believe this year working there now is but just a stepping stone in my path to reaching that future. I am without a doubt unbelievably nervous… I have lived out on my own in California an entire summer, and studied abroad for the summer in Shanghai and for a semester in Osaka before, but somehow I feel like this time will be different. I know it will be different. I know it will be challenging. But I’m also excited and ready for this new journey to begin!