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Japan Update

31 Jul

JAPAN [7.30.11]

The water looked calm and harmless as we drove by it in Ishinomaki. Looking at how still it sat in the ocean you wouldn’t believe it was the same water that drove in-land destroying hundreds of homes and killing thousands in the March disaster. More than 3 miles in we drove through the residue water. Crushed cars were piled on top of each other, and all that remained of most buildings and homes were the skeletons and foundations. The belongings of peoples’ homes were scattered all across the ground. It was entirely deserted. Some likened it to how they imagined Hiroshima looked after the atomic bomb hit at the end of World War II. A little further in-land in Ishinomaki there was little sign of the tsunami having any effect. The difference was so stark that you wouldn’t believe how terrible it was until you saw it with your own eyes.

We didn’t work over in that area, though. I’m not sure how long it will take until it is restored and habitable again. It looks as though it has hardly been touched, though, probably for a period of mourning. Instead, our work consisted of cleaning out the gutters in a neighborhood nearby. The water was black and the gutters were full of mud. It was a rather small task, but a number of families came out and thanked us sincerely for our work. One couple in particular let us use their water tap outside of their house to wash our hands, and provided us with soap, a towel, and some tea. They were so appreciative of the work we were doing that, although it was tiring and painful at times, it made it that much more worth it.

Ganbarou Nippon! Keep it up Japan. I’m praying for you!