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19 Mar

Time. What do we do with the time we have? How do we spend it? What if our time was limited? Would that change our priorities?

People spend their time at work to get money. Some people need that money just to pay their bills and put food on the table. Others use it for luxury to buy big houses, fancy cars and name brand clothing.

People spend their time working on relationships: building friendships, finding a partner.

People spend their time and money to look good for other people.

Time is this precious currency in our lives. If something seems pointless or not fun or not profitable we think it’s a waste of our time. On the other hand, we may think that something is very positive and worth doing but that we are too busy and someone else has more time.

Everybody’s time here on Earth is limited, though.

We share our time with people we care about and give our time to what we believe is important. For me now, time doesn’t hold as much value as the love of God. I have received this great love from God. Like with time, I don’t want to selfishly keep it all to myself. I want to go out and share it!! His love has set me free from a broken past and given me new life! I see time in a whole new way now!

I don’t want my time to be spent going to my job just thinking about how much money I’ll be earning to pay all my bills and be able to live from month to month. I want my time to be spent there teaching with passion so the next generation can learn to enjoy learning. I want to spend my time being a teacher who the students can trust. I want my time to be spent there encouraging girls to have self-confidence. I really want to honor God in my workplace!! I want to honor God in my relationships – working on maintaining strong relationships with those around me so together we can be a great net, cast out to catch people for God!

Jesus gave me this life not to live selfishly. He gave me this life to live for Him and be a light in the darkness!